Marine Surveys by A3Pi Services, LLC, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA - Robert A. Ojala, A3Pi Services, LLC
Robert A. Ojala,
Principal Marine Surveyor

Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA - Buzet, Croatia
Cell: 708-903-6289

Environmental Consulting
Marine & Cargo Surveys Worldwide

Naval Architecture Services
Mr. Ojala is a graduate of the University of Michigan, with a B.S.E. in Naval Architecture, 1970 Services currently performed:
  • Stability, salvage, other technical projects
  • U.S. Coast Guard passenger vessel approvals & consulting
  • Small modification project drawings and approvals, preliminary hull design and modifications
  • Conversion drawings, layout and design services
  • Drydocking supervision and vessel stability studies
  • Owner representation for repairs, construction and conversion
  • Legal expert witness/consultant
Previously employed as the Vice-President of a small Inland shipbuilder with total responsibility for design of small passenger vessels, towboats and barges; supervise draftsmen and specifying purchasing requirements. Oversaw production techniques and procedures. Assisted in pricing, bidding and contracts.

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