My first Novel, A TUGBOATER’S LIFE, is on sale this weekend on KOBO. www.facebook.com/740034099/posts/10159601642884100/

My novels are light (just a bit steamy) romances, about real, blue-collar characters, working out their personal lives, while employed in a dangerous, Great Lakes marine construction career. The characters (you’ll love them) are like people you may know.

Although I have continuing characters from one book to the next, each novel has an ending. You don’t need to buy the whole series, although I hope you may fall in love with my characters, and want to get the next novel.

The second novel in the series is THE TUGBOATER FAMILY, and it is available on Amazon in print or Kindle, as well as at many Independent Bookstores. Ask them to order it for you.

My third novel, CREW’S SHIP AFFAIRS, will be out before the Holidays. Although my characters continue, one of the new characters in that third novel, relates his crazy experiences “below the passenger decks” aboard large ocean cruise ships. If you ever wondered what goes on down there, you’ll want to read this one. Remember, the crew lives aboard for 8 months or more!

All of my novels are based upon this author’s experiences while working aboard these vessels as a consultant, using the real people I have known or observed, as my characters. As they say, real life is stranger than fiction in many cases!