I need to do REAL WORK once in a while!

I am a ship surveyor, after all, and I do love my job. My writing, and the promotion of my books takes up a lot of my time these days, but luckily, my clients keep calling for surveys. Yesterday we were in Erie, PA, for a very unusual job, looking at the progress of repairs on the U.S.S. Cod, a World War II submarine, which is a museum in Cleveland, OH. Last fall, I surveyed the vessel to approve the tow to the shipyard (the submarine is no longer operational), and it has been in drydock this summer for hull repairs, which will ensure a long life as a museum attraction.

The Cod will return to Cleveland soon, and if you are ever in the Cleveland area, it is really worth the time to take a tour. The people at the USS Cod Submarine Memorial have done a great job to keep the Cod looking like it is still being used. The tables are set with dishes, and photos arranged as if the crew just stepped away. It is a great place to visit on the Cleveland Lakefront.